Romantic Geography, a story about my time inside the mystical video game that is Istanbul. Featured by Pool Resources zine, read full story here.

In Istanbul I would go and stand between the two mosques at sunset, and you can imagine – a sky the colour of orange peels, a fountain at the center, which flared in slow motion, lit up pink and iridescent like a grapefruit. There I was, trapped in the amber of the moment. But that moment was lost as fiercely as it was gained. Like a moth-eaten piece of fabric, which, once grasped turns to dust particles that shimmer only when the memory casts light over them. The sun had set, and I was bound again by the banality of the scene. Neon lights guided my way home. The Arabic symbols looked poetic to me despite the nature of their advertisement. I am grateful too, for these unholy moments. Because even a neon sign can contain a tremor of magic if you look intently enough.